Notebored Nov/Dec1989 Article

I peruse Ebay every now and then for items that may be of interest to fans like myself. This week has turned up several new items that hadn’t been widely seen. Today turned up a rare live photo of Karen Peris from Christian music magazine Notebored. Their Nov/Dec 1980 issue featured an article with two photos. A debut album promo […]

“Wonder of Birds” photo shoot

I’ve been holding onto this story for several months, but it would seem now is good a time as any to highlight two unpublished photos that have turned up on the net. During the making of the “Wonder of Birds” music video, Valerie Gates (Gates Studios) took photos for A&M Records. Many professional and personal photos were taken of the […]

Mike Bitts and Hunter Johnson with Hiram Ring

Mike Bitts and Hunter Johnson performed with Lancaster resident Hiram Ring yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I just received this information early this morning. Unfortunately, this was a one-time performance with Mike and Hunter. Hiram and Mike met at a local open mic in Lancaster, and Mike played upright bass on two of the songs from his new album, “One Girl for […]