Why is Umbrella not available digitally?

  • The band does not currently own the rights to the Umbrella recording. Those rights are retanied by UMG (Universal Music Group) and for some unknown reason, they are not making it available. Umbrella can be streamed on YouTube, however the album cannot be purchased digitally. All of the tracks on YouTube were uploaded by individuals. They were not uploaded by The Innocence Mission or UMG.

How did the innocence mission come up with their name?

  • “Innocence stands for all the good things of childhood, the things we should try to hold on to,” says Karen. “It’s a state of mind.”
  • “The mission in the name is a place to us, as opposed to a crusade,” Karen says. “The name is just something I thought of one day and we liked it,” she continues. “It made me think of the giant houses in children’s books where you might find a refuge.”

How can I obtain the Tending The Rose Garden?

  • You must look long and hard for Tending The Rose Garden. According to Don Peris only 1,000 copies were printed. You may frequently find copies of their Singles and EPs at MusicstackEbay or Amazon.

How many videos were made while with A&M?

  • They have made 5 videos: “Black Sheep Wall”, “I Remember Me”, “Wonder Of Birds”, “And Hiding Away” and “Bright As Yellow”. All but one received airplay on MTV and VH-1. The exception was “And Hiding Away” which was shot using live footage from their studio in Lancaster, PA. “Bright As Yellow” aired only twice on MTV in 1995.

Why has Umbrella not been released digitally?

  • In 2016, Don Peris mentioned in a Facebook post that they were looking into getting the album reissued, but there were/ae legalities that have to be worked out.

Are there any tour dates currently scheduled?

What other projects have the band members been involved with?

What songs have been written by the band members but recorded by other artists?

Where can I find sheet music?

  • The band released a songbook for Birds Of My Neighborhood but it has since been discontinued.. You can find some lyrics and guitar tabs on the lyrics and guitar tabs page.

Where and what is Medjugorje?

  • On June 24, 1981, six young people from the Catholic parish of St. James in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina [formerly Yugoslavia] began to experience apparitions of the Virgin Mary on a hillside above the village where they lived. The Madonna, through the young visionaries, call for peace in the world. She prophesies that Russia will come to glorify the Lord. She said that the West has advanced civilization but lost God in the process. Reports of the events have provoked a surge of religious fervor and today Medjugorje looks set to become another Lourdes, a world-wide centre of spiritual renewal. People going to Medjugorje look neither for wealth nor for glory, nor to sightsee, nor do they want to prove anything to anybody. They like to see the children (visionaries) but it is not their main aim either. People seek God and themselves in Him. –The Madonna of Medjugorje
  • Karen wrote the song “Medjugorje” (from the debut album) from the perspective of someone coming home from there, combined with the devotions of her grandmother. The song was also dedicated to her grandmother who died on the eve of the song’s completion.

For more detailed information about the events that have taken place in Medjugorje, go to the Medjugorje Web site: http://www.medjugorje.org.

Which artists and paintings does “You Chase The Light” / Honfleur, 1867 refer to?

  • Honfleur is a channel port in France, of both historic and artistic importance, which has served as inspiration to many artists.
  • “You Chase The Light” (from the debut album) is a conversation between a woman and a painter. This song is not really about one particular artist. It is more of a fictional tale about an artist living and painting during that time. Karen used time and place to add a spark of realism.
  • The song “Joan” on Umbrella picks up 7 years later.

Are live recordings and videos obtainable? If so, how?

  • Yes, there are quite a few live recordings floating around the internet and they are obtainable and some can be found in the Archives. If you have questions, please email me keithabbott@hotmail.com.

Is there an official fan club?

  • The band feels their e-mailing list and website suffices in what they are trying to accomplish. The address to send your letters and questions to:

the innocence mission
1653 Lititz Pike #244
Lancaster, PA 17601

When is their next release due?

  • Their new CD, “See You Tomorrow” was released on January 17, 2020. No new releases have been scheduled at this time.

Are Don and Karen Peris married or brother and sister?

  • They have been married since May 24, 1986.

Is the Innocence Mission considered a Christian Band?

  • The entire band grew up in Lancaster, PA and attended Catholic school there. They are devout and attend church regularly.

Who is Harry from “Our Harry”?

  • “Harry” is another one of Karen’s fictional characters. As Karen discusses in one of their bios, “the basic feelings are true, but many of the details are invented.”