Mike Bitts and Hunter Johnson with Hiram Ring

Mike Bitts and Hunter Johnson performed with Lancaster resident Hiram Ring yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I just received this information early this morning. Unfortunately, this was a one-time performance with Mike and Hunter.

Hiram and Mike met at a local open mic in Lancaster, and Mike played upright bass on two of the songs from his new album, “One Girl for Me” and the title track “Breathe Deep”. These two songs were recorded live with Sam Frantz engineering – other musicians on those two recordings are Aaron Walker (drums) and Matthew Monticchio (piano), as well as other local musicians and friends.

When Hiram was putting together a group for his CD-release, Mike was available, and since Aaron Walker was not, he suggested Hunter Johnson. So the three and Matthew Monticchio became the core musicians for the CD release. For those who may not be familiar with Hunter Johnson, he performed drums with Don Peris and Mike Bitts on Don’s 2006 mini-tour.

Below is a video from the CD release party. The song is called “Eternity”.

Hiram Ring: Eternity from Timothy Rezendes on Vimeo.

Source: Heather & Hiram Ring

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