Update: “Weathered”

I received a nicely packaged DVD of Weathered last week and thought I would advance a preview. First off, Weathered is a short film clocking in at just over 18 minutes. I’d rather not spoil the plot, so I’m including a modified summary from the DVD jacket:

“An intimate portrait of a woman trapped in time. Retreating deep within herself, Weather longs for connection and reaches out the only way she knows how…by going to the doctor.”

I really did enjoy this film and the use of music was well received. Considering how the band’s tracks have been used in past films such as Empire Records, I’m sure the band was quite pleased after reeviewing the footage. The newly re-recorded “Our Harry” runs a little over 30 seconds longer than the original recording found on the album Glow thanks to some additional editing from Matt, but the differences in performance are minimal, excluding the repeated chorus at the end of the song. As stated in my previous post, “Our Harry” is used in its entirety (as is “Brotherhood of Man”). The one standout between the two recorded versions, besides the extension, is the noticeable production clarity of the latter version. Don’s attention to detail has resulted in a cleaner recording with less microphone pop as the original.

Lastly, a little more on the crew and cast of Weathered. Matt Barber has served as an editor on such tv shows as Chuck and The O.C.. Lead actress, Nicole Parker, is a regular on MADtv, and supporting actor Tony Hale appears regularly on Chuck as Emmett Milbarge. Actors Cynthia Avila and Tanc Sade (who plays Harry D. Mun) have also acted on various nationally televised TV series.

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