The Human Experience

A new video addition has been added for The Human Experience, a documentary released in 2008. The film is available both in DVD from Grassroots Films as well as on Netflix. Included in the film are the Innocence Mission cover of “Moon River” as well as “Brotherhood of Man”. Source:

“Weathered” DVD available for purchase

Updated Post: Original Post Updated: If you’d like to own a copy of Weathered on DVD, it is now available for purchase on DVD for $5.95 at IndieFlix and for streaming rental at $1.99. Original Post: 11/23/09 5:25 PM If you’d like to own a copy of Weathered on DVD, Matt is now selling a limited number of DVDs for […]

“Weathered” to show at two upcoming Film Festivals

Updated: Weathered will be playing at the Indianapolis International Film Festival‏ on Saturday, July 18th (1:30 pm) and again on Tuesday, July 21st (5:30 pm) at the IMA/DeBoest Lecture Hall. Between August 7-9, Weathered will be screened at the Feel Good Festival in Hollywood, CA. Until a DVD is made commercially available, seeing the film is the only way to […]

Update: “Weathered”

I received a nicely packaged DVD of Weathered last week and thought I would advance a preview. First off, Weathered is a short film clocking in at just over 18 minutes. I’d rather not spoil the plot, so I’m including a modified summary from the DVD jacket: “An intimate portrait of a woman trapped in time. Retreating deep within herself, […]