Update: “Weathered”

I received a nicely packaged DVD of Weathered last week and thought I would advance a preview. First off, Weathered is a short film clocking in at just over 18 minutes. I’d rather not spoil the plot, so I’m including a modified summary from the DVD jacket: “An intimate portrait of a woman trapped in time. Retreating deep within herself, […]

May Fan Video Update

This month, there are 12 new Innocence Mission related videos: “Beautiful Change”, “One For Sorrow, Two For Joy”, “Geranium Lake”, “Sonata No. 8”, “I Never Knew You From The Sun”, “Somewhere A Star Shines For Everyone”, “Over The Rainbow” and a handful of “Bright As Yellow” and “The Lakes of Canada” videos.

Notebored Nov/Dec1989 Article

I peruse Ebay every now and then for items that may be of interest to fans like myself. This week has turned up several new items that hadn’t been widely seen. Today turned up a rare live photo of Karen Peris from Christian music magazine Notebored. Their Nov/Dec 1980 issue featured an article with two photos. A debut album promo […]