Don Peris – Echoes Podcast

Last year we mentioned an interview with Don Peris on “Echoes” via WXPN. Echoes now has a podcast available for download of that interview. You can also find the podcast in our Archive.

“Guitarist creates parlor music for home movies in nostalgic tones
Don Peris grew up and still lives in Lancaster, PA, where he works with his
wife, singer Karen Peris in a band called The Innocence Mission. But recently
Don released a solo, mostly instrumental CD called Go When the Morning Shineth.
It’s a wistful, nostalgic recording of intimate guitar melodies and subtle
backing. He says the initial concept of the album was to create soundtracks for
old Super 8 home movies, of people he didn’t even know. We screen his vision in
an Echoes interview.”

Source: Timouth via OurCourtyard

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