Styrofoam Flyer on Ebay

You may be unaware of a little known promotional item that circulated with the release of the “Wonder of Birds” single. In fact, I was sent dozens of these things styrofoam flyers from A&M, which subsequently were circulated to fans as freebies. There were a dozen birds, from Jays to Seaugulls, and yes they really fly. The complete list: Jay, […]

Don Peris – Echoes Podcast

Last year we mentioned an interview with Don Peris on “Echoes” via WXPN. Echoes now has a podcast available for download of that interview. “Guitarist creates parlor music for home movies in nostalgic tonesDon Peris grew up and still lives in Lancaster, PA, where he works with hiswife, singer Karen Peris in a band called The Innocence Mission. But recentlyDon […]

Looking Closer Review

Jeffrey Overstreet reviews We Walked In Song at Looking Closer. “While I admit that this release does not have the range of subjects and sounds that have made their best releases — Umbrella, Glow, and Birds of My Neighborhood — such enduring, revealing volumes, I still find the delicate and evocative lyrics, the beauty of Don’s guitars and Karen’s voice, […]

Guitar tabs added

Guitar tabs have been added to the Other page for the “Black Sheep Wall”, “That Was Another Country”, “Everything’s Different Now”, “Now In This Hush”, and “Revolving Man”. “I Hear You Say So” and “Brave” have been edited.