More compilations added & a general update

Today I updated the songlist (which is archived here at the site) to include a cover of “Joan” by singer/songwriter Johnny Goudie. If anyone has a copy of this please let me know. I also believe the articles I uploaded maybe a year ago vanished from the site. Those old news articles have been re-added.

Also added today were images of the elusive Japanese release of Glow and an image of the Brazillian release for Now The Day Is Over.

And finally, I added the following compilations to the 1990’s and 2000’s sections: Hello, Franceska, fRoots No.14, Jane: The Ultimate Fall CD #5, Happiness Tenderness: The Music from Beautiful Angels, So I Got Me One of Them Wiener Dogs, and B.L.A.S.T. Modern Rock Program #10.

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