“On The Edge” added to site

In September 1995, The Innocence Mission appeared on Westwood One Entertainment’s syndicated show On The Edge. Included in the segment were three tracks from Glow including “There” and “Brave” as well as a live in-studio performance of “Bright As Yellow” and several short interview segments. The total length of the segment was just under 12 minutes. This particular recording was […]

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

On September 18th, Atlantic Records is releasing the soundrack to the film The Perks of Being A Wallflower. The Innocence Mission track “Evensong” is included. The album will be released on CD, 12″ and digitally. This will mark the first time that a song from the Umbrella album will be released digitally, so we can only hope that Umbrella will […]

Four compilations added

Four new compilations have been added to the discography. First are two releases from 2008, Women Voices III which includes “Moon River” and The Very Best of Easy Listening Hits (Volume 2) which includes The Innocence Mission’s rendition of “Edelweiss”. Also added are two 2001 releases Makea Jazz which sports two tracks, “Mile-Marker” and their version of “Over The Rainbow”. […]