Debut album 20th year anniversary

Yes, it really has been 20 years since the 1989 self-titled debut album. Not only am I turning 40 this week, but now I’m feeling even more dated. In contrast, I’ve put together a compilation of tracks found on the debut album performed live over the A&M years (1990-1996) with one notable exception: there’s no known live recording of “Mercy”. In its place, I’ve included a performance of “Pride Takes A Fall” (non-album track). Whenever possible, I’ve tried to use their latter performances, as these were typically recorded to DAT, sound better, and are more simplified in their structure. This will hopefully lure the attention of the Innocence Mission’s newer fans to that of their old music. I hope you enjoy the songs.

1. Paper Dolls (1:36) (Tin Angel 4/9/95)
2. Black Sheep Wall (4:05) (Club Lingerie 11/16/91)
3. Surreal (2:33) (Borders LA 02/02/96)
4. Curious (3:11) (Tin Angel 4/9/95)
5. Clear To You (4:25) (Tin Angel 4/9/95)
6. Pride Takes A Fall (3:08) (Club Lingerie 11/16/91)
7. Broken Circle (3:37) (Chestnut Cabaret 4/3/90)
8. I Remember Me (3:54) (Club Lingerie 11/16/91)
9. You Chase The Light (3:58) (Belly-Up 2/3/96)
10. Notebook (4:49) (Chestnut Cabaret 4/3/90)
11. Come Around And See Me (4:36) (Chestnut Cabaret 4/3/90)
12. Wonder Of Birds (3:20) (Tin Angel 4/9/95)
13. Medjugorje (2:02) (Club Lingerie 11/16/91)

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