2007 Imdiscog.com Annual Fundraiser

You may have noticed here on the main page that there’s a Paypal link. Of course, you may not have. Anyway, it’s not free running a website like this and because this is not a commercial site, we’re not making a dime.

But with the cost of webhosting and software upgrades, we’re dependent on either my pocketbook or yours to keep this site running. So with that in mind…here’s how you can help out.

For the Top 5 donations received (of $10 or more) by October 31st, we’ll send you a free Small Planes promotional photo courtesy of WhatAreRecords.com.

These photos aren’t available any longer, and you probably won’t find these on Ebay anytime soon. Click the donate icon below to read the disclaimer and find out how you can donate to Imdiscog.com.

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