2007 Imdiscog.com Annual Fundraiser

You may have noticed here on the main page that there’s a Paypal link. Of course, you may not have. Anyway, it’s not free running a website like this and because this is not a commercial site, we’re not making a dime. But with the cost of webhosting and software upgrades, we’re dependent on either my pocketbook or yours to […]

1986 Pennsylania Musician Magazine – Part 3

In part three of our Musician Magazine feature, we reprint the second half of the article, Originality Isn’t A Four Letter Word which was written by John Lewis in December of 1986. One particularly interesting note from the article, the song “Giants” which had been included on pre-debut album setlist is actually, “Giants and Windmills”. If anyone runs across a […]

YouTube videos galore

There’s finally a new live video available at YouTube courtesy of Lamp Records. Recently, Karen and Don performed in-studio (where I’m not quite sure of yet) the track “Brotherhood of Man”. If you’re bored and looking for even more Innocence Mission videos to watch at YouTube, then click the images below to be surprised or hover over for more information.