Lancaster in 2007

Lancaster in 2007

Here’s my own personal music video for “Spinning” which was filmed entirely in Lancaster this past weekend.

I’m back from my first real trip to Lancaster, PA – home of The Innocence Mission. I had a blast. My wife and I saw “the Police” perform in Hershey (waited an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot jam). I thought it was an amazing show. We also visited Hershey Park (which I highly recommend) and took in the Lancaster countryside. Be sure to stay away from Rt. 30 East on a summer weekend as it’s traffic jam central. The commercialism over the Amish isn’t necessarily a suprise, but it’s a bit more overwhelming than I expected. It’s a bit distressing actually.

Did you know that Lancaster also has a baseball team? The Barnstormers of the independent Atlantic League got slaughtered last night, but they kept it close most of the game despite the one bad inning. I learned that Virginians like myself are a bit more vocal for the hometeam than the typical Lancaster folk.

We also took in a visit to Lily’s on Main to experience the reason why Steve Brown left the band. Let me tell you, Steve is just as good as a chef and owner than he is a drummer, and that’s not a knock on his drumming either. He runs a fantastic restaurant and it’s well worth the 20-30 minute drive from Lancaster.

If there’s good news to report, it’s that despite Steve’s extremely busy schedule but he is willing to perform with the band on a future album. That bit of information made the trip all the more exciting.

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      I love Lancaster. Have made many trips there over the years. One of my trips was an “Innocence Mission tour”, with my best friend and fellow IM freak Steph. We did Lily’s on Main, and hit several other IM sites, including the local record shop where I got my copy of Tending the Rose Garden.

      I love Hershey too. That whole section of Pennsylvania is just a great place to visit overall. I’ve been going since long before I was an IM fan.

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