UPDATED: Don Peris – Echoes Rebroadcast on 9/22?

Updated: It appears last night’s episode of “Echoes” on WXPN was a week behind. I’m guessing next week Don will be on. So be sure to tune in just in case or try tuning into any other station this weekend.

Echoes – www.echoes.org – Check your local station listings for times.
Listen Live on WXPN at 11pm-1am Friday, 9/15

“Guitarist creates parlor music for home movies in nostalgic tones
Don Peris grew up and still lives in Lancaster, PA, where he works with his
wife, singer Karen Peris in a band called The Innocence Mission. But recently
Don released a solo, mostly instrumental CD called Go When the Morning Shineth.
It’s a wistful, nostalgic recording of intimate guitar melodies and subtle
backing. He says the initial concept of the album was to create soundtracks for
old Super 8 home movies, of people he didn’t even know. We screen his vision in
an Echoes interview.”

Contributor: Heather

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