New features enabled

Beginning today, anyone can anonymously leave comments on any news item on the news page. However, all comments are moderated and will only be added once approved. Also, a link to this site’s newsfeed has been added to the right side navigation of the news page. Should you wish to add to your MyYahoo page, or the like, you […]

Don Peris concert wrap-up

Last evening, Don performed a reworked version of the untitled instrumental from the unreleased Glow demos. The song, now titled “Recital”, appears on Don’s new album, Go When The Morning Shineth. Also, they ended the show with “Birds” by Neil Young. Some of you may remember, Karen singing this in 1991. Don also mentioned the new Innocence Mission album could […]

Debut Album Photos

Extra thanks go to Jeff Teez for these very rare live debut album photos. All of these photos and more are available for download by visiting the Photos page. The Photo gallery requires an additional moderated registration in order to download. Do you have any rare photos you’d like to contribute? Or perhaps you have something interesting you’d like to […]