Mila Drumke’s “Motorboat”

If you’ve ever wondered what Mila Drumke’s 1997 song “Motorboat” sounded like (Don plays electric guitar and Karen provides back-up vocals), look no further than Mila’s MySpace page. You can find the streamable track here:

Tim Kwiat’s Myspace Page

Back in 2004 we posted the following news item: “Super GeniusTim Kwiat has recently updated his web site with all of the songs from the 1995 Super Genius release Painting In The Rain. The site also includes many Super Genius photos, videos and stories about each of the songs. The Super Genius lineup included Mike Bitts and Steve Brown. Visit […]

Updated: Two more compilations

Updated: The unknown compilation was an A&M Records radio compilation released in January 1996. Two older compilation CDs have been added. One is a compilation from W.A.R? Records which includes the track “Song About Travelling” from Small Planes. The other is an unknown 1996 compilation coming from Canada containing the track “Everything’s Different Now” from Glow.