Photos registration issues resolved

I’ve been informed that there have been issues registering for Photos user access. Upon registering, you can upload and download images. It appears that an old graphics template was the cause of the registration issues some of you may have been witnessing. This should be fixed now. If you would like to download images from the Photos section, please click […]

Update: Good Morning 90s

Every once and awhile within a compilation CD or LP, you’ll find band photos contained in the liners. Luckily with my purchase of Good Morning 90’s, there was such an item. The below picture originally appeared in Pennsylvania Musician from February 1990. Previously, that’s the only source I’d ever seen that photo used until now. The photo is downloadable in […]

We Walked in Song review

I received an advance copy of We Walked in Song from Badman Recording Company this week. Here’s my review: The Innocence Mission have reached a milestone with their 9th studio album, We Walked in Song, comfortably surpassing a 20-year recording span that began in 1986 with their obscurely released EP, “Tending the Rose Garden” and their self-titled debut album in […]

More on the new album

First off, the vinyl version of We Walked In Song will have a bonus track. Also, I found this little bit of information over at“…Their new album, We Walked in Song is one of their strongest works, though there was great tragedy in the beginning stages of creating the album. “Sometime after the passing of her father, Karen Peris […]

Good Morning 90’s

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto Good Morning 90s. It’s a Greek vinyl compilation album released in 1990, which contains the track “Black Sheep Wall”. Although it was released in 1990, I’ve added it to the 80’s page as it’s more associated with the releases there.