Listed below are side projects and songwriting credits by members of the Innocence Mission. The drop down menu is for convenience. Click the up arrows to return to the top of the page. All links on this page open files within this site, or link to external commerical web sites.

      Karen Peris -- Violet

      2012, Umbrella Day Records/LAMP
      Solo album by Karen Peris. Karen wrote and performed all songs with additional instruments from Don, Drew and Anna Peris. MORE INFO

      Amy Grant -- Lead Me On

      1988, Myrrh Records
      "Shadows" was originally written by Don & Karen Peris and released on the innocence mission's EP Tending The Rose Garden, but was slightly rewritten by Amy Grant for this project. MORE INFO

      Kim Hill -- Brave Heart

      1991, Reunion Records
      "Don't Face The World Alone" was written by Karen Peris. The title of the album was taken from a line in the song, "don't you face the world alone now, even the bravest heart needs help sometimes." MORE INFO