Listed below are guest appearances by members of the Innocence Mission. The drop down menu is for convenience. Click the up arrows to return to the top of the page. All links on this page open files within this site, or link to external commerical web sites.

      Denison Witmer -- The '80s EP

      2001, Burnt Toast Vinyl
      "The 80's: Organ, Mixed and Mastered by Don Peris. The 80's (Demo): Acoustic Guitar [Classical], Engineer, Mixed by Don Peris.

      Denison Witmer -- Safe Away

      2000, Burnt Toast Vinyl, reissued in 2006 by the Militia Group
      Tracks 1-14 produced by Don Peris. Don also plays guitar, bass and organ. On the re-issue, he also mixed "Castle And Cathedral" and played Tambourine on tracks 1-14.

      Natalie Merchant -- Ophelia

      1998, Elektra Records
      "Frozen Charlotte": Karen Peris sings background vocals, Don Peris plays guitar. "When They Ring The Golden Bells": Karen Peris sings duet with Natalie and plays acoustic guitar, Don Peris plays guitar.

      Mila Drumke -- Illinois

      1997, Little Pro
      "Motorboat": Karen Peris sings harmony vocals, Don Peris plays guitar. "Constance": Don Peris plays guitar.